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Sweet Tea can be a Sativa-dominant strain (sixty five%) that utilises genetics from three cannabis strains. An before cross were intriguing but it necessary larger steadiness. To this close, an Alcatraz OG male was utilized to out-cross the perfectly-known Californian Orange. Girls of this had been then crossed Together with the Dude, a particularly cherished Space Queen male plant. The end result is massive taste, significant yields and an exceedingly uplifting influence and The place to get sweet tea cookies online.

Allow for an abundance of root Area, as this is the plant that likes to increase large and tall diligent topping should help to control its height when offering masses more bud internet sites. Indoors flowering is complete in about 8 – 9 weeks. Outdoors in heat climates, it may improve right into a substantial plant with yields to match and Exactly where to order sweet tea cookies on line.

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